Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt opens up about alcohol abuse

As debates around drug consumption re-ignited in India after the arrest of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in an alleged drug case, actor Pooja Bhatt urged people to re-think that alcohol is also a drug.

“Alcohol is also a drug. It is not categorised as such because it is socially acceptable for the most. Abuse of alcohol leaves destruction in its wake. Road accidents, domestic violence, bankruptcy, families destroyed, lives lost. The focus should be on rehabilitation, not criminalisation,” Bhatt tweeted.

Several social media users agreed to Pooja and expressed their views on the same.

“Most people think that alcohol, drowns their problems and worries, but they forget that troubles can swim,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Unfortunately the focus is on criminalisation instead of rehabilitation. And the most astonishing fact is that victims or addicts of drugs are equally punishable to drug racketeers. There is also flaw in our laws dealing with drugs and narcotics. We must focus on that also,” another one tweeted.

Bhatt was one of the few stars in Bollywood who openly spoke about her dependence on alcohol in the past.

She has been vocal about her addiction with alcohol and how she has fought to remain sober. In December 2020, she completed four years of sobriety.

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