Actress Esha Jhanji Has A Special Message For All Her Fans aka Eshians

Esha Jhanji’s fans address themselves as Eshians.


Published 29.09.21, 07:44 PM

Esha Jhanji is a well-known social media influencer and actress. She grew up watching Bollywood movies and realized that it is her dream to be an actress. During her school days, Esha would participate in school plays and dramas. Acting in plays boosted her confidence and made her realized that she can accomplish her dreams.

With the inception of the internet, especially social media, today’s generation can show their talent to the world. Esha Jhanji started blogging and sharing content on TikTok and Instagram reels. Her content received a huge response and made her popular among the masses. Esha’s popularity showed good growth in no time.

About witnessing success as a social media influencer, the aspiring actress says, “I recall looking through my ‘for you’ page one day and seeing a fan page with my name on it. I was ecstatic, astonished, and delighted. I looked up my name right afterwards, and there were a handful more. That was the day I realised I was truly making progress, and my goal began to take shape in front of my eyes.”

Esha Jhanji’s fans address themselves as Eshians. The actress has a sweet message for all her fans. Esha Jhanji shares, “I am thankful to all the Eshians for the love they shower on me. You make me smile with their cute video and picture edits. I promise that I will keep working hard and make you and myself proud. I also hope all your dreams come true and get surrounded by people like you to encourage your passion.”

On Instagram, she has more than 753k followers. Esha is known for her travel blogs, elegant pics, and her entertaining reels. Her posts receive more than thousands of likes and shares in just a few hours. The actress is hopeful that her reels will reach a filmmaker one day, and she will soon sign a dream project – a music video, commercial or a movie.


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