Revealed: After being bullied, Mallika Sherawat…

Revealed: After being bullied, Mallika Sherawat…

The beautiful Bollywood actress, Mallika Sherawat, has been away from the big screen for a long time. He is known in the industry for his daring avatar. Mallika keeps making a lot of revelations about herself. Now he says that there was a time when he wanted to leave the country after being fed up. Mallika has said in one of her interviews that she decided to leave the country for a time after being harassed by a certain section of the press. Mallika Sherawat says she has never had a problem with men. He said he was harassed by a section of the media, especially women.


Mallika Sherawat said that when she decided to pursue a career in acting, she had to fight patriarchy at home, which was very difficult.

So he had to run away from home. He said he had to face opposition from the family. My father is extremely conservative. Mother and brother too. At that time he had no support. In such a situation, I ran away from home to become an actress.

She said: “When I came to Mumbai, everything worked out. I always had money, because I had a lot of jewelry. I sold it and paid for my trip to Mumbai. She said my mother’s heart was broken by moving to run away from home. She said that there was discord in my family so I was hurt and my heart was also broken.


Mallika Sherawat said it took her time to adopt Mumbai culture and establish herself. He said that society has evolved over the years, now people are more tolerant of the kind of movies they made in their early stages. She described the bikini and kissing movies on screen as part of the experience and said, “I am very happy that there has been a lot of development in society.” People have become more tolerant. Nudity up front is not a big deal today.

Mallika said that she was attacked by a certain section of women in the media. He said that a certain section of the media worried me very much. Whereas men always appreciated me. He said, “I don’t understand why these women are against me and why they are so bad for me.

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