Kareena Kapoor opens about being snubbed for her…

Kareena Kapoor opens about being snubbed for her…

Kareena Kapoor has finally managed to address several controversies that have floated around in her name in the past few months in one interview. The Goos Newwz actress has reacted to being snubbed by trolls for the names of her kids Taimur and Jehangir while also talking about the being mocked for demanding Rs. 15 crores to star in a Ramayan adaptation being produced from the perspective of Sita.

While reacting to the controversies surrounding the names of her kids she told the Gaurdian, “Honestly, these are names that we just liked; it’s nothing else. They are beautiful names and they’re beautiful boys. It’s unfathomable why somebody would troll children. I feel terrible about it, but I have to just focus and get through it. I can’t be looking at my life through the trolls.”

Kareena also spoke about owning her pregnancies when hiding at home was the norm with pregnant actresses before her because they didn’t look glamorous enough. The actress certainly managed to break pregnancies taboos and later shared her experiences in her debut book called Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible.

She also commented on the controversy that erupted when her name was linked to the film Sita and her being mocked for hiking her remuneration from Rs. 6-8 crores to Rs. 15 crores for starring in the film. Kareena has been vocal about the pay disparity that exists in Bollywood between actors and actresses since long before this controversy happened.

The Good Newwz actress had during the promotions of the film with Akshay Kumar also spoken about wanting to be paid as much as the star in films. She also didn’t shy away from questioning her friend Karan Johar about the pay disparity during the MAMI Film Festival in Mumbai a few years ago.

When asked about the controversy surrounding her supposed fee hike, Kareena told the publication that many actresses in Bollywood have spoken about the issue in the past few years where no one would address the issue a few years ago.

Talking about herself she said, “I make it quite clear what I want and I think that respect should be given.” Kareena further added, “It’s not about being demanding, it’s about being respectful towards women. And I think things are kind of changing.”

Kareena will next be seen starring opposite Aamir Khan in Laal Singh Chadha which is the Hindi remake of the Tom Hanks Hollywood blockbuster Forrest Gump.

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