Govinda’s wife Sunita slams Krushna Abhishek: Our fight will never be resolved, don’t want to see his face

Days after Krushna Abhishek confirmed that he will not be appearing on an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show which will feature his uncle Govinda and his family, the actor’s wife Sunita Ahuja has retaliated. The Kapil Sharma Show episode will feature Govinda with Sunita and their children Tina and Yashvardhan. The family feud has become public knowledge in the last few years as Krushna and Govinda and their families’ traded accusations. It all began after Sunita took umbrage at Krushna’s wife, Kashmera, tweeting about ‘people who dance for money’. She claimed the tweet was targeted at Govinda.

While Govinda didn’t respond to Krushna’s absence from Kapil’s show, his wife has now spoken. “I am distressed beyond words to know what Krushna Abhishek said about refusing to be a part of the episode that featured my family and me as guests. He said that both parties did not want to share the stage,” she told ETimes.

krushna-govinda759.jpgkrushna-govinda759.jpg Krushna Abhishek with Govinda.

She also mentioned a statement Govinda had issued last year, accusing Krushna of making defamatory statements but refusing to comment on the matter further. “I reiterate that we want to maintain a dignified distance, but it has reached a point where I feel the need to address the issue. Whenever we appear on the show, he says something about us in the media just for publicity… Uske bagair bhi toh hamaara show hit hota hi hai, aur yeh wala bhi hoga (Our show has been hit without him and this one will do well too).”

Sunita also claimed that Krushna’s talent is limited to using his mama’s name. “Is he not talented enough to give a hit show without using mama’s name?” she asked. She also ruled out the rift ending. “It will never happen. Three years ago, I had said that things could not be resolved till I am alive. You can’t misbehave, insult or take liberties in the name of family,” adding, “The issues will never get resolved and I don’t want to see his face ever again in my life.”

In his statement, Govinda had said in November, “I am utterly sad to talk about this in public, but it is high time that the truth came out. I read the report about my nephew (Krushna Abhishek) not performing on a TV show as I was invited as a guest. He also spoke about our relationship. His statement had many defamatory comments and was thoughtless.”

Ahead of their appearance, Krushna had said that both the parties are not interested in appearing together on Kapil’s show. It’s a comedy show. Pata nahi kaun si baat lekar badi baat bann jaye aur phir wohi sab hoga ki aisa bol diya, waisa bol diya (You never know which statement might blow up). I didn’t want to create an issue. I am sure that the audience waits in anticipation for my gig when Govinda ji comes on the show, but I realised that it was better not to perform.”

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