From Anushka Sharma to Deepika Padukone: Bollywood…

From Anushka Sharma to Deepika Padukone: Bollywood…


Bollywood actresses who didn’t change their surname post marriage&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

Key Highlights

  • Several Bollywood actresses have made a choice of not changing their surname post marriage
  • From Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma, the list includes some of the prominent actresses of B-Town
  • Do you think it’s necessary for a woman to add husband’s surname to her name post marriage?

Back in the day, almost every woman would change her name, surname post marriage. They accepted it as a tradition that needs to be followed without any questions. But nowadays, it’s all out of choice and no woman can be forced to change her name, surname without her consent. Women today have in fact, started paying closer attention to this name-changing tradition. While some of them still like to add their husband’s name, surname after marriage, quite a number of women have begun to retain their maiden names even after tying the knot.

Talking about Bollywood celebrities, there are both kind of married women – the ones who have willingly changed their surname and the ones who continue to go with their original name. Today, we will be focusing on the married actresses who proudly carry their maiden name even after getting married to their significant other who has a different surname.

Deepika Padukone, who is married to Ranveer Singh Bhavnani, could have added his surname to her name but she contineus to be referred to as Deepika Padukone. Anushka Sharma didn’t change her name to Anushka Sharma Kohli after getting married to Virat Kohli.

Here, scroll down to find out all those actresses who chose to not change their surnames post marriage.

Bollywood actresses who did not change their surname post marriage

Deepika Padukone


In her very first interview after getting married to Ranveer in 2018, Deepika was asked if she would change her surname. And the actress had very casually replied saying why should she be changing her surname. Instead, Ranveer can be referred to as “Ranveer Singh Padukone.” Well, her answer was enough to put it out loud and clear that she’s never going to change her surname.

Anushka Sharma


Although Anushka never preached or talked about being a feminist, she definitely is a believer of one’s identity. She will be completing 4 years since being Virat Kohli’s wife but she has chosen to not change her name to Anushka Kohli or Anushka Sharma Kohli.

Twinkle Khanna


Twinkle is Mrs Funny Bones and her witty responses are always on point. If anyone’s wondering why didn’t she choose to change her name to Twinkle Kumar after getting married to Akshay Kumar, here’s your answer. During a Twitter chat, a netizen asked her,  “Why Twinkle Khanna u r Kumar got it?” And she gave a befitting reply saying, “A lot of people bring this up, though not as stridently as this gentleman-Khanna it will always be #MarriedNotBranded”

Vidya Balan


Soon after Vidya Balan got married to Siddharth Roy Kapur, she was in the spotlight with people guessing if she would now change her name to Vidya Sidharth Roy Kapur. However, Vidya had shut down the speculations in a rather honest way. “I don’t know who said that (I am changing my name to Vidya Balan Roy Kapur.) I remain Vidya Balan. I think Sid (Siddharth) and I, both feel that since he will remain Siddharh Roy Kapur and not become Siddharth Balan Roy Kapur, I will remain Vidya Balan and not become Vidya Balan Roy Kapur.”

Soha Ali Khan


It’s been 6 years since Soha got married to Kunal Kemmu but she has chosen to not give up her maiden name. Although, their daughter Inaaya goes by the name – Inaaya Naumi Kemmu, Soha’s social media handles still are Soha Ali Khan or Soha Ali Khan Pataudi

Rani Mukherji


Rani is another actress who didn’t change her surname after marrying producer, Aditya Chopra on April 21, 2014. She proudly uses her own surname. During the trailer launch of her film, Mardaani, Rani had shared that she loves her name and will change it when she will admit her kids in school. She had said, “I love my name and I will keep to that. For my films people know me as Rani Mukerji and they will always know me by that name. Personally, when I admit my children in school that time there will be change of surname. But for my fans it will always remain Rani Mukerji.”

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