BTS’ Jungkook’s bad boy edits scream HOT, SEXY and STEAMY

Image credit: Instagram/ Pinterest/ Twitter

Mafia Jungkook

It’s Jeon Jungkook’s birthday today, and the Golden Maknae of BTS turns more handsome as he clocks another year. BTS ARMY is busy celebrating his birthday across the globe. It’s a whole Jungkook birthday mania right now, even on social media. So, on his birthday today, don’t you think there has to be a gallery, a compilation of some hot edits of the Sexiest Asian Man Alive? If you are not new to BTS, you’d know that the Butter singer was conferred with the title of Sexiest Asian Man Alive in 2020. BTS’ youngest member is adored by many across the globe. His songs are a huge hit as is his style and goofy charm. But there comes a time when JK switches on his bad boy/ international playboy personality and sends BTS ARMY into a tizzy. So, let’s have a dekko at the bad boy edits of BTS’ Jungkook here: Here’s a mafia edit of the Permission To Dance singer.

Click here to go to the original source.

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