Kritika Malik’s journey from Short video’s to a…

Kritika Malik’s journey from Short video’s to a…

We all know about TikTok, the video app that gained great popularity among the youth and left several teary-eyed when it was banned in India. It gave rise to several influencers; some phased out once the app was banned, but others emerged triumphantly and found other ways to stay in touch with their fans. One of them was Kritika Malik, the fan-favorite with 3.1 million followers. She is a great example of people who turn traumas into triumphs.

The ban on TikTok couldn’t demotivate Kritika. She started posting her videos on Instagram. Her talent was well received on Instagram as well. She continued creating great content and her fans showered immense love. Kritika who is a fitness enthusiast then started her YouTube channel. The channel is called Family Fitness and has garnered over 2 million followers on YouTube. Kritika documents her fitness journey on YouTube and shares fitness tips with her followers.

After the huge success of all her endeavors, Kritika is now ready to impress the audience with her performance in the upcoming web series ‘A Trip’. The series will be launched shortly on one of the leading OTT platforms.

Kritika is both proud and nervous about her new endeavor. She blushed while admitting that she initially thought it was a prank when someone called her and asked if she wanted to do a web series. She is eternally grateful for coming so far. This is a great indicator of her humility and down-to-earth attitude. Kritika has appeared in songs ‘Yamraj’ and ‘Maachis’. Her interest in acting began in school where she participated in all events related to dramatics. Kritika received appreciation for all her performances then as well. As a child, Kritika dreamed to go to Mumbai to audition for acting opportunities.

She is glad that social media gave her the platform to showcase her skills and she is now doing what millions dream of. She has also been associated with the brand ‘Photofit’ for branding. Her achievements are a befitting reply to the naysayers who demotivated her once saying that women shouldn’t dream much. Kritika recalls how her journey was full of struggles when people taunted her to be at home or study to become a teacher. ‘I am not angry at them, just happy that I achieved enough so they do not say similar things to demotivate other girls,’ says Kritika proudly.

She also said that she will never forget her roots and how she started. Kritika plans to stay consistent with her YouTube channel and Instagram videos. People love the content I create and I will not disappoint them. “I will work harder to balance my career as an actress and my love of creating valuable content”, stated Kritika.
We hope all her plans materialize and wish to see Kritika performing her best. We are also looking forward to ‘A Trip’ to see Kritika’s acting finesse.

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