Bengali actress Payel Sarkar files police case…

Bengali actress Payel Sarkar files police case…

Actress Payel Sarkar.
Image Credit: IANS

Popular Bengali television actress Payel Sarkar lodged a complaint with the cybercrime cell of Kolkata Police after receiving obscene messages from an account that was pretending to be a film director. The director also lodged a complaint to the cyber cell against those using his name on social media.

Sarkar told the media that she had accepted a friend request from a well-known director. Soon afterwards she was told through a chat that she has been chosen for the lead role of an upcoming film and then got an obscene message.

The actress, popular for her Bengali serials like ‘Tapur Tupur’, ‘Andarmahal’ and ‘Bene Bou’, shared the screenshot of the chat on her Facebook profile where her fans and friends told her to check the profile of the film director. After which she realised that it was a fake profile.

The case which was initially registered in the Kolkata police cyber cell was later transferred to Barrackpore Police Commissionerate, that ultimately blocked the account.

“She stays at Baranagar and so the case was transferred to Barrackpore Police Commissionerate. We have blocked the account and are looking into the details of the account. We hope to find the person soon,” a senior officer of the Commissionerate said.

“I understood soon afterwards it was not the verified account… The fake account had many inconsistencies I realised when I checked later. But I went ahead with the complaint as I want to punish those who abuse, stalk and harass women and girls on social media. I have got all the cooperation from the police,” she said.

After the incident, the director found out about the incident and said he would lodge a complaint on the issue and try to find the people who are trying to taint his image.

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