Tridev actress Sangeeta Bijlani remembers how her…

Tridev actress Sangeeta Bijlani remembers how her…

She was recently seen as a guest on reality show Super Dance 4. The actress who was much active in the 90s did enjoy facing the camera once again. Though there was one thing missing this time around. In conversation with Bombay Times Sangeeta tells us that during her days actresses were accompanied by their mothers on films sets.

She says, “Unlike today, during those times moms would accompany their daughters on sets.” Interestingly with that, actresses would feel secured in the company of their family at work opines Sangeeta. She says, “I would feel comfortable, protected and taken care of in her presence. She would take care of me on the sets.”

Ask her if filmmakers felt her interference on set and she says, “She never interfered and everybody loved her too. In fact, the day she wouldn’t come on the set, the co-actors and crew members would ask me why she hasn’t come and they would even miss her. She was a fun company for everyone. My mom used to get amazing Sindhi khaana on the sets and everybody would have that.”

Remembering the earlier times, Sangeeta also shares, “At the time film magazines would rip you apart with spicy pieces (laughs). I used to get horrified reading those reports. There used to be stories about me having an affair with so and so, when I would not even know that person.”

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