Michelle Rodriguez joins the parade of bikini-clad celebs on Italian yachts

“Fast and Furious” franchise star Michelle Rodriguez has joined the seemingly endless parade of celebrities who’ve taken to yachts in the Italian waters this summer.

Michelle Rodriguez prepares to go paddle-boarding in Italy.BACKGRID

Seemingly neither fast nor furious in the waters of Porto Cervo, near Sardinia, Rodriguez, 43, looked to be having a ball as she swam and paddle-boarded in the waters clad in a brown bikini.

Michelle Rodriguez on vacation in Italy.BACKGRID

Paps identified Rodriguez’s companion for the fun-filled day as Italian television presenter Raffaella Zardo.

Michelle Rodriguez and Italian television presenter Raffaella Zardo.BACKGRID

Beyond paddle-boarding, the “Backdoor” actress made sure to include the other de rigueur activities of vacationing celebs: Diving off one’s yacht and staring pensively into the middle distance.

Michelle Rodriguez dives off a yacht.BACKGRID

It’s possible Rodriguez is celebrating wrapping production on 2023’s “Dungeons and Dragons” film, the second time Hollywood has taken a swing at turning the 1980s game into a big-budget blockbuster.

Michelle Rodriguez contemplates the waters of Porto Cervo.BACKGRID

The actress has celebrity trainer Magnus Lygdback — who’s also whipped Ben Affleck, Harry Styles, Gal Gadot and Katy Perry into shape — to thank for the enviable set of abs she’s displaying in Italy.

Michelle Rodriguez wades in the waters of Italy.BACKGRID

Meanwhile, the Rodriguez is not yet finished with being fast and/or furious …

Michelle Rodriguez paddleboards in Italy.BACKGRID

… with the second-to-last film in the franchise — and tenth overall — heading into theaters in April 2023.

“We can’t always feel like we’re going to go on forever … with the Saga, I feel like it’s the right choice, the right move,” director Justin Lin told the BBC in June of the franchise’s proposed end after 11 films.

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